An Unnatural Coma : Part 8

I sat and pondered what to do. The gaurd was getting closer by the second, and I was still in the revolving door halfway between the outside and the inside of the hospital. My rationality said to run but my insanity said to wait. I obyeded my insanity like a child when promised candy. The security gaurd was yelling very stupid things such as “Stop, stay right there!” like I was moving to begin with. What a joke of a rent-a-cop he is, I thought to myself or was that my insanity telling me? The security gaurd had called re-enforcements who were coming from the outside in case I were to flee that way.
“Maybe they are stupid enough to do what I hope.” I said no, my insanity said.
My insanity got what it hoped, both guards entered the revolving door and pushed and when I passed the outside I jumped out leaving them stuck in the door. This gave me a few seconds to get a lead on them. I ran track so it wasn’t a problem and the guards were huffing after a block.
“Now, how to proceed.” Said my insanity.

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