Residing Dreams (Chapter 151)

One day,when I came into his room,he was sitting in an armchair.He stared at me with huge,dignified,yet troubled and apprehensive eyes.He looked as if he had something to tell me.”Essie,”he said presently.”We need to talk about something.”I knew he was nervous as hell. “I haven’t been completely honest with you.I said I had problems.But not just being ill.More than that.I…I…didn’t lie to you.I…I c – could have k – kept it a secret if I wanted to.I didn’t have to tell you, I…I…” he was stammering like I had been the first time I met him. I knew he was panicing.Casimir trembled immensely.He was trying to say cool;make up an excuse,yet I knew deep down that he was just lost and frightened.”Casimir,”I said,putting a hand to his shoulder. “This isn’t about me. Don’t try to defend yourself. I’m not going to condemn you. I just want to help you.This isn’t about me.Cas,” I whispered,my eyes tearing up. “You don’t understand it,Essie.There’s nothing I can do about it.It’s just—just what I do,” he said.

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