Arsonist and Wendy Can't Sleep

The crazy old lady made up her spare rooms for us.

“I’ll not have no hanky panky keepin’ me up all night!” She admonished as she made two beds. I caught Wendy’s eye, she grinned devilishly behind the old lady’s back. I snickered.

“What’s so funny?!” The ol’ coot spun around with speed defying her joints.

“Uh, I sneezed?”

“You look so much like your brother! Mr. Cooper is sweet! You could learn a lot from him.” She turned up her nose at me and turned back around.

That night I laid in the foreign bed. Thoughts of home plagued me. I tried to focus on a plan for tomorrow. But until Marcus came back, all the planning was useless.

A creak sounded and a shadow crossed my door.
“Wendy!” I whispered “What are you doing?!”
“The old lady’s snoring loudly downstairs. I couldn’t sleep. I was thinking of you.”
“Yeah!” She walked to my bedside. “The way your eyes shine in the light of a fire!” She smiled and leaned over seductively. “The way you rescued me. You’re my hero, Charlie Cooper.”

I caught my breath.

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