Flushing, New York - Part V [end]

I would have rustled the leaves a bit to make sure, but I didn’t want to draw any more suspicion to myself concerning Alee.
I made my way through the woods, and walked up to the yellow tape marking off the crime scene.
What crime scene????
Out of the corner of my eye I saw two cops talking to each other. “…..poor girl. She didn’t even have a chance.â€? I snuck under the yellow tape and vigilantly crept over to the door way of the bathroom.
“Miss!â€? A police officer said trying to get my attention. “Miss,â€? but it was too late, “Miss!! You Can’t Go In There!!!â€? I slipped inside the door and stood aghast. Inside the stall closest to the door, was a woman’s distorted, mangled, mutilated body lying on the tiled floor. Behind her there was a trail of blood.
I felt my breakfast starting to come up and a scream erupted from me. On the floor in the middle of the bathroom was a message written in her blood;
“Aren’t you glad you didn’t turn on the light?â€?

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