Angel in the Storm

And after moments of perfect silence I turn to her. With her arms still around my waist, and a gentle warmth filling my sides and stomach, I look her in the eyes. Behind me now, the fog begins to disperse and the roads clear as does my mind. Because when I look into her eyes – blue, soft, understanding – it’s like I’m in the middle of a huge storm.
All around me, lightning crashes, friends are shouting, a fog blocks our view, and yet, amidst all of this disaster, I find myself in the most peaceful arms of the most beautiful angel. Looking into the eyes of the only thing that still makes any sense to me on this porch in the center of turmoil, my mind tells my feet to start running but my heart thumps out of my chest just stay here. Standing with her, guarded from the pouring rain in her arms. Forever to stand with my blue-eyed angel in the center of this storm you can’t escape.

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