Rude Awakenings.

For the first time in the 17 years of my life, I slept feeling safe. I fell asleep to the sound of Charlie’s beating heart, and had never felt more complete.
A voice woke me,
“OW!” I was jostled out of my position to Charlie raising his hands to protect his face from flailing hands.
“HEY!” I stood up, swinging my fist at the man, taking him full in the face.
“Wendy, no!” Charlie scrambled up.
“I said, NO Nookie!” Dolly barked from the doorway, “now quiet all the raucous, I need to pee!”
“Is that how it’s become with you, Charlie,” Said the man, “You need your whore to fight for you?”
I smiled, my chest about to burst with fury. My eyes went sleepy mean, but words failed me in my rage.
“She’s not a whore, Marcus. This is Wendy; a friend.”
“Wendy huh?” Marcus wiped blood from his nose, “well i’ll say this for your Wendy, she packs a good punch. If you ever do it again, you’ll regret it,” he said walking past me.
I took a death-grip of his arm “Touch Charlie again, and I will see to it that you burn!”
He smiled.

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