Her Lips

What?” Charlie howled, rolling his eyes in utter exasperation as I held up my hands in defense, trying to keep up our argument down to a loud whisper in the library.
“I didn’t- It wasn’t the right time. I didn’t have the nerve!”
“Didn’t have the balls, is more like it.” He growled, looking more fierce than a guy only on the hearing end of my story should.
“Shut it, dude.” I hissed back, feeling bad enough as it was without him having to rub it in. It was stupid of me to not go in for the kiss, I know, but I was really enjoying just listening to her talk—I didn’t want to ruin that.
My finger landed on the book I’d been looking for and I pulled it out.
“Well, you gotta call her.” Charlie said, his hackles lowering. I knew he was only looking out for me. We were best friends.
“Yeah, I know… I’m just-”
”’Waiting for the right time’. I know, I’ve heard you say it before. But, Ryan, all this waiting and you just might be out of time.”
I thought about that.
“Fine… I’ll call her. But not here.”

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