My Angel

Tightening my eyes and pushing them closed has brought sesibility back to me. Slowly opening them back up as tears start to pile down my cheeks. I could feel the sobs start to rise. Wonderful. This isn’t what should be happening! Even though I tried my best to hold my feelings back it wouldn’t stop. Just stop! I can’t take it anymore! Finally my eyes started to be clearer and I looked up to see his big green eyes stare back at me. He put his gracious hands up to my face.
“I know I have always loved you. I’m sorry I hurt you and I miss you”, he whispered. “I won’t give up if you don’t give up. You also have the most beautiful blue eyes. You’re everything I need… angel.”
He twiddled my blonde hair in his fingers.
“I can’t have you. You’re not real. Not alive.”
“I’m alive in your heart and in your mind, love. You’re always mine an i’m always yours.” he returned.
“It’s a dream. This is a dream. I lost you last week. As hard as this is….....bye my love.”
“I will watch over you angel” Gone.

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