Residing Dreams (Chapter 154)

As I looked into his large,earnest eyes,I knew that there had to be.”All of the books I’ve read tell me that this isn’t how’real men’behave.Then again,I’m not a real man.I’m a crybaby who can’t do anything except put his whole fist in his mouth.That isn’t right,”Casimir said,wistfully. “Well,perhaps those books are wrong.Sometimes you have to stop going by the books.Write your own story in life,”I replied,with a dignified faith.I knew we probably looked peculiar,two thin children in a large armchair.But none of that mattered.Not only did I have someone who loved me,I had someone to love and comfort.Maybe that was one of the greatest realizations of all.After a few more minutes of shedding tears, Casimir asked me something. “Essie,” he said, his voice suddenly excited with inspiration. “Would you like to go see a movie tonight?” I didn’t know what to say.”A movie?I don’t know if there are any movie theathers nearby.And I thought you didn’t leave the house,”I responded.”Just wait,”Casimir said.”You’ll see.”

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