Residing Dreams (Chapter 155)

“I bet other children wouldn’t be as crazy about the idea of a huge library in their house.And,they would,like me,probably despise the built in emergency room/doctor’s office/operating room.But everyone loves a trip to the movies.That’s why there’s a built in theater,”Casimir replied.”Follow me.”He left a note on his door which read:”To whom it may concern—I am at the movies with Essie.I will return soon.Regards,Master Casimir.”But first,he had to take his inhaler and his medicine.Then, he led me to a part in the house that I hadn’t been to before.The more I thought about it,the more I knew that Casimir was trying to take our minds off what we had just talked about.Somehow,I didn’t deem him a coward.After all,we both needed a break.I knew he felt bad for putting his burdens onto me,and I knew that in his own way,he really did care.We sat towards back of the theater,and we saw an old movie that night.It was “The Wizard of Oz,” with some scenes in technicolor.I deemed it my first real date.

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