Residing Dreams (Chapter 156)

Though I would’ve never imagined it to be this way, I still had a wonderful time. Though he didn’t put his arm around me, and we didn’t kiss, Casimir held my hand whenever the wicked witch appeared, or whenever there was an emotional moment in the movie. “You know,” I whispered to him, “It would be wonderful if all it took were a pair of magical ruby slippers to take you home.” “But I’m glad you came. I mean, I’m glad you came to London in the first place. To stay here,” Casimir replied. He had a point. If it weren’t for him, quite honestly, I don’t think I would’ve enjoyed residing here in the first place. And that was exactly what I said. Afterwards, we went to the library to talk some more. For the first time, I got to hear the full story of Casimir’s family.

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