Residing Dreams (Chapter 157)

I learned that his mother and father had met at a town banquet,and they immediately saw each other from across the room.He looked at her,and she looked at him.It was just like in the romance movies.When Arthur Chrysanthemum mustered up all of his courage to talk to this fine lady,he walked over to where she was sitting.He ended up tripping over the waiter,who was carrying a tray of food.Mr. Chrysanthemum ended up on the floor,with shrimp coktail in his hair. The woman who caught his attention right away was Carlena Leigh.She was amused at his accident, and she helped him up. “Well, that certainly lightened the atmosphere!” she had said,laughing.Carlena Leigh was even more beautiful up close.From there, Arthur and Carlena Leigh started to spend more and more time together.They soon took a fancy to each other and began dating.When she accepted his proposal, it was one of the happiest moments of his life.On their wedding day, there were many chrysanthemums, by request of the bride; in honor of the groom.

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