An Infomercial (We Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Ficlet To Bring You This Challenge)

Hey folks! Guess what? We’ve got a new and exciting product for you to buy! It’s called the INFOMERCIAL LOCKER !

Don’t you grow oh-so weary of watching those same old good-for-nothing products get sold to you by cheesy advertisers?

Well, now you don’t have to!

Hooks up to your TV in just seconds! Only 5 wires to connect, and PRESTO ! Blocks those filthy, annoying infomercials from all your TV viewing, past, present, and future!

Wow, Tom! That is simply amazing! Look at it! Not a single infomercial!

I know, Gloria, and just imagine. All this can be your for only fifteen payments of $5.95! That’s right! JUST $5.95!

And guess what? If you call now, we’ll throw in a second one free!

Tom, I can’t believe you. You’re practically giving these once in a life time opportunities away!

Gloria, I know I’m amazing. Folks, all you have to do is call 1-800-INFO-LOC. That’s right, just call 1-800-4636-562 and this amazing product could be yours for only $5.95!

Shipping and handling not included. No refunds.

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