Element of Surprise Encouraged

I mumbled something about needing fresh air, and stormed out. She was crazy! A detective agency? Absurd! This was the zaniest scheme I’ve ever heard!
Well, not necessarily. I’ve heard crazier in books.

Wait a minute.
That could be it.

I fumbled for my cell phone, quickly dialing a number.
“Hey, Jo? It’s me. Listen, I need some help. She’s up to something: A detective agency… No, I’m not joking!... Look, I tried talking her out of it, but she won’t listen to squat! I need you’re help… You finished the Holmes book yet?... Good, draw on it for inspiration. Yes, I need outrageous, but believeable. Complex, almost unsolvable, but convincing… Yes, the element of surprise and danger is encouraged. No, don’t call me. I’ll swing by your place in a day or two, see how you’re doing… I’ll be able to find an excuse, don’t worry. Alright, I’m counting on you.”
I closed the phone, and strolled back down the hall.
This crazy scheme might not be so bad after all, with the excitment I’d planned and all.

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