The Van Attack

Standing in the middle of the street in my bloodied hospital gown, I decided the only solution to this madness was to kill myself.

You will not destroy yourself, you will do as I say.

A large van was approaching at a high rate of speed. I forced my legs to move. It was like walking in deep mud.

Stop, stop!

The voice was screaming now. One bare foot after the other brought me into the traffic lane. Oh, no, I sobbed as the van pulled to a stop.

You dumb bitch, do you think you can do anything without me. Look what you have done now.

Two young men exited the van. “Miss, are you all right?”

Get away

I was trying to tell them to get me help, but she was controling my words now. Take me home.

No home

The men, one on each, side took my arms and placed me into the back of the van. There as a mattress on the vans floor. One of the men climbed in with me, the other took the wheel, and we drove away.

“We’re gonna have a little fun,” He said, shoving a hand into my panties.

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