Venting: You, Again

You, again:

What makes you think I wanted to? Is everything really my fault? Well of course it is! You couldn’t possibly have been the problem.. It was anything but you. Am I right?

Right now, I don’t know why I am doing this. Don’t I owe it to myself to forget? But being the selfless, idiot I am, I will honor your wish, at least for now.

So, how’s life? No, don’t answer that.. I’m pretty sure I can answer that myself. You are sitting on your lazy ass trying your best (which may I add isn’t very impressive) to hold in your laughter. I’m hilarious, right? Oh, wait. Now you’re quietly chuckling to yourself, amused by my irritability.

You always loved to see me angry, even in pain. Your eyes would always light up when the tips of my ears started turning red. Always picking fights…

I swear! If that laughter gets any louder I will personally make it stop, for good!!! Scratch that. I mean… just shut up.

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