Residing Dreams (Chapter 158)

“As you know, I was born too soon,” Casimir explained. “My mother had only been pregnant with me for a few months. She went into premature labor with me one day, but she made it clear that she wanted to give birth at home, no matter what. So the doctor was called at once. When I came into the world, I was extremely tiny and feeble. My mother had some complications as a result of the pregnancy, as well. Because of my critical condition, it was made sure that I was given immediate and intensive medical care. They made sure that it was the best as possible. My mother held me in her arms for a while after I was born, and as I was taken to the hospital to stay for a while, she cried as she had never cried before. I just needed to grow stronger, but I couldn’t. There was no miracle. I stayed in the hospital, for a long time, and my mother visited as often as possible. She stayed in a room there, so she could be with me when I needed her the most.”

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