Residing Dreams (Chapter 160)

“Anyways,I wasn’t in the hospital as much.But going home was quite similar,except for the fact that I was with my family.In a way,I deem it was a little bit better,”he added.”But then my mother and my father got into the car crash.They were on their way to the park.My father had none but a few scrapes,while my mother was minutes away from death.Her last words were,’Take care of our family, especially our child.Don’t be afraid of life…because then you’ll have nothing to die for.I’ll be with you,I swear.Just never stop believing…don’t forget this promise.I will love you forever…’And then she died.Just like that. My father was a wreck for the longest time…and that still hasn’t changed.Nothing ever does,unless it’s loss.I deem loss to be change,alright,and it resides in your heart and mind and thoughts and wishes and dreams and nightmares and self created hell.When you can’t remember it anymore, and all you feel is the pain and nothing else,that’s when you die slowly.Except no one comes to your funeral.”

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