Chaka gets the Fairy Treatment

Fay Godsmom knew better than to startle Ms. Treatment, but Jezzy was still learning. Fay knew to always make a modest amount of noise and approach from the front and sides, like you would a skittish horse. Poor Jezbel materialized directly behind Chaka with a loud pop. Before the poor dear knew what hit her she was in a headlock and on the floor.

“Oh Dear,” Faye sighed, not startled at all. “You can’t be surprising Ms. Treatment. She reacts like a shell shocked Vietnem Vet.”

“Sorry,”said Chaka, releasing the fairy.”You really have to watch the loud noises and sudden moves…”

“In any case,” Jez said, looking sheepish. “We are here to grant you a wish.”

Chaka waved the fairies over and whispered something in their ears that made the color drain from their faces.

“Ms. Treatment, we’ve told you before-NO FELONIES !” replied Faye,slightly appalled but not at all shocked.

“Can you make Sarah Palin dumber?”

”...not possible…”Faye mutters.

“I’ll have a coke then.”she pauses.”Maybe Ana Christina needs you?”

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