Residing Dreams (Chapter 161)

I was taken aback at just how dark and deep Casimir could be.He needed a life;a family, a friend.He had seen no rainbows or sunshine.The boy merely resided in the darkness for the longest time.Depth was enthralling and exquisite,butdarkness marked danger.Perhaps I wasn’t sodifferent.When all else failed,I had the rainbowsandsunshine to keep me going.They were forever powered by the love of God himself.Yet as I sank,I sank deeply,and that kept happening.Casimir had alreadydrowned.”Wow,”I said,notknowing what to say to him.”So,that’s how it’s been?”I asked,dumbly.Casimir nodded.”Yes.That’s what I know.That’s whatI feel.But you know what?If I keepthis up,just being a spoiledbrat without a purpose,then I don’t thinkI’ll survive.Yet if wetry to break out of our ivory towers together,then maybe I can start over,and you could pick up where you left off.I reckon we’d both find happiness that way,”he concluded.And that was just what we did.Yet instead of picking up where I left off,I got the chance to start over,too.

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