That Lovely Sewer (Stink Challenge)

It was odd, of course, that Colby should be sitting there. Not odd to be sitting, naturally, but the fact that she was sitting beside the overflowing sewer.
Most passers-by had a hankerchief held over their noses and mouth, but Colby breathed in deeply.
After a considerable amounts of time, when the sun was disappearing, and the city becoming dangerous, she collected her purse and overcoat and sauntered into a warm bakery.
“Fresh pies! Hot out the oven! Don’t they smell nice?” The baker cried cheerfully, hoping to entice her to buy one.
Colby smiled shyly.
“I don’t know; I can’t smell anything.”
“What? Can’t smell those lovely pies?” He frowned.
“Oh, no! Don’t take offense! The only thing I can smell is the sewer. Always have. Always will.”

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