The Loss

I retreat in his head, again,
For I can’t take the
Teasing and bullying and pushing
Of the often full halls.

He is thinking
Of hi mother
Once again. He
Can’t get ride of that
Image of
That awful
Night, just
6 months

He was at the
Resturaunt on
The corner with
His mother. 2
Blocks from home.
A 5 minute walk.

But not close

I watch as they
Dance their way
Home, belly’s full
With that scrumptious
Dinner. But home too
Soon did they get.

They saw the
Lights on in the
House. And raced
To the door. His
Mother ran around
Back and sneaked
In the house.

He tried to follow,
But tripped, and fell
Into the bush.
Laying there helpless,
He reluctantly watched
As the robbers
Murdered his mother.

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