Residing Dreams (Chapter 162)

Funnily enough,I found myself forgetting about the heart locket I wore around my neck each day.It had been a while since I looked at the picture inside of it.Sometimes,the matters were all too much to bear.When I showed it to Casimir,he said that I had a real heart of gold.Carefully,I opened up the locket to reveal the picture of my father and I.I tried not to look at it.Casimir had an expression on his face which was a mix of many things.Longing, reflections,pitiful sadness.”There are no pictures of my father and I,”he said,stiffly.”He doesn’t care,and he never will.I don’t really know him,even.Doesn’t that sound strange,since I live with him?Well, technically I do,but he’s away more than he’s home,”Casimir explained.”You’ve seen him before,haven’t you?”I inquired.”Sure, once in a while.Every few months if I’m lucky.But then it’s just basic formalities.Nothing much.It’s easier for him to visit me while I’m sleeping.Sometimes,he leaves notes on my night table,”Casimir replied.Then,he told me how lucky I was.

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