Residing Dreams (Chapter 163)

I couldn’t take it anymore. While I felt so terrible for Casimir, and all he had to go through, I was tired of him believing that I had it so well. Maybe being sheltered, totally sheltered, had it’s advantages, and Casimir would never know it. After all, it was all he had ever lived. Once again, something inside of me snapped. “My life isn’t perfect either!” I nearly shouted. “Back home, kids would make fun of my dad, and then he started acting like a zombie because he has a big secret inside of him that he can’t even admit to his own daughter because he’s too much of a coward! And you think I’m so lucky because I get to go to a camp with a bunch of snotty, stuck up girls who think I’m weird! You’ll never understand what it’s like to live in the real world!” I ranted. Right away, I wished I hadn’t said those things. Casimir looked stunned and hurt at the same time, as if he had just been injected with the biggest, sharpest needle the doctor could give him.

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