Little Monster (People's Choice Halloween Challenge)



“OH MY—”

And that was when I crushed him, cutting off his words in his throat before they even had a chance to blossom into their full form!

My sharp, pointed form speared the hearts of all with fear. Even the bravest couldn’t help but tremble as their last moments drew near underneath the sole of my giant paw.

Buildings doubled over in pain whenever I punched them in the gut. Helicopters couldn’t fly high enough to get over my hideous head! I pierced the heavens and spilled out all the angels with the devilish horn sprouting from my skull!

I crushed the angels just the same as the humans, even as they wondered how this being could be almost as great as God.

But they were wrong! I WAS GREATER !

The deaths doubled exponentially, and my deadly wake spread through the entire world!

I had the last human underneath my sole! My leg raised, shrouding him in a chasm of fear—

“BIL-LY! Stop playing with those blocks and come finish your dinner! You’re acting like a monster!”

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