Residing Dreams (Chapter 164)

Then,I remembered how sensitive he was.If there was one person who could be both truly sensitive and indifferent,it was Casimir.After hearing a remark like this supposadly directed at him,he was sensitive.His eyes welled up with tears,and he looked so sad and pitiful;I regretted every word I said.But the thing was,it wasn’t directed at him.I did not want to make him cry.”Cas,I’m sorry.I didn’t mean what I said.I was just frustrated,is all.Please, don’t cry.Just forget I ever said it.I just wanted to make a point that my life isn’t perfect,and I’m not so lucky.Please,don’t take it to heart.You don’t understand…it’s complicated…”I tried to soothe.I was about to say, “You’ll understand when you’re older,” just like my father had said to me.But I knew that wouldn’t work at all.If it wasn’t true when my father said it,then it certainly wouldn’t be true if I said it to Casimir,who was my age.When I looked at him,he was still sobbing. What have you done? I asked myself, hopelessly.

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