Residing Dreams (Chapter 165)

“Just go away,” he moaned,in tears.I obliged,not knowing what else to do.I had just made a sicky child cry,and he was already miserable enough to begin with.Then,I realized for the first time exactly how ungratful I was.I came from a nice town,went to a nice school,had nice friends,a nice, loving father,and everything else.Now I had been sent to stay in a beautiful palace,and I was complaining?What right did I have to have contempt or angst or misery when I had my needs and wants fulfilled?I still had a loving family,even if that family only consisted of one other member—Dad.He wrote letters.He hadn’t abandoned me.He truly had my best interests at heart,despite the fact that I had thought otherwise.Perhaps I too was a spoiled brat,as Casimir said he was.I considered all of this as I stared out my bedroom window on a chilly night.The stars were beautiful,yet I knew that even their far reaching beauty would burn out one day.As I gazed at the sky,not only did I see my father’s face,but I also saw Casimir’s.

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