Residing Dreams (Chapter 166)

I found January and McKenna, as well as the rest of my friends. I saw every person I had ever cared about, and even Casimir’s father; plus his mother, as what I imagined her to look like. From the time I was a young child, people have always told me what a brilliant imagination I had. I guess that was one thing which hadn’t changed, in spite of everything else. That night, the sky was not empty or devoid of constalations. There were many faces, though few could see them. I could barely see them. I remembered the night Casimir and I had stared at the stars together. Now, I knew what his wish was. Part of me had known from the minute I met him. It was something that all of us wished for, yet not everyone had. His wish was to be loved, and now, I wanted more than anything to fulfill it.

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