The tears that came to her eyes she held back for someone had once told her “big girls don’t cry”. She wondered how much it would take to become a little girl again. How strong does one have to be, how much can a person take before they reach their breaking point? She wondered if this was hers as she held her four year olds lifeless hand in hers. The disease had taken everything out of him; the energy, the spark, and now the life. She longed to hear him call her name just once more, to see his sunny smile a dozen times again, to be wrapped in his hug that had warmed her to her very soul. Without him she was left to float aimlessly in this world of families and friends. There was no one else left. Bringing his tiny hand to her lips she kissed it softly, barely a whisper, and a single tear escaped as she whispered, “I love you.” She straightened up and the doctors rushed in to take over the body of her son. It all seemed wrong to her. She backed out of the room and collided with a young doctor…

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