Residing Dreams (Chapter 167)

I decided to give Casimir some time to calm down.However,the next afternoon when I went into his room,he didn’t look much better.He looked worn out,and he had another IV in his arm.Though he was given food,vitamins,and medicine to consume,it was clear that he was starved.This was evident on the inside as well as out.He had no muscle;no meat on his bones.Even if he did eat while others were watching,I had a feeling that he would just vomit it up afterwards.In addition to this,he was also starved of love.Something told me that if my father had seen a child like this,he would encircle them into a comforting hug and soothe them;probably talk to them.I knew Dad would do this if he saw Casimir at the moment,except for the fact that he had never met the boy in his life.
“Hi,” I greeted. “I’m sorry I exploded at you yesterday. I just kept so much bottled up inside for a while. It wasn’t right of me to take it out on you,” I apologized. Casimir remained silent, and he seemed a bit sullen. But then, I had an idea.

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