No Satisfaction (Change the story Contest)

Once in my room a quick glance in the mirror reflected my blonde hair was a mess and my eyeshadow left streaks down my face from my tears. I slammed my bag to the floor, and threw myself on the bed.

I rolled over onto my back and stared at hundred pictures on the wall of the two of us. On my knees I ripped them from the wall, tearing them into tiny pieces. My cell chirped – it was him again. I turned my cell off. In my brothers closet I found his baseball bat. I went down the stairs and out the backdoor. I marched down the alley to his house, his car was in the garage. Using the bat I smashed his car until I could no longer raise the bat.

Almost blinded by tears, I walked the three blocks to the bridge. At the bridge I slammed the bat down until I obliterated the ‘I Heart… ’ he had carved into the railing.

I stood looking down at the water far below, how easy it would be to just jump. Hell no, I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction.

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