Residing Dreams (Chapter 169)

He looked imaginitive and intriuged as he told me this.I couldn’t help but notice the twinkle in his eye.”Someday,maybe,”I whispered.It was almost as if we were five years old and believed that such things were actually possible.But deep down,we both knew it was just a dream.”You can keep these cranes,”I said to Casimir. “Essie…thank you.I shall keep them in a safe place,where I keep the rest of my prized possessions,”he responded.Then, he leaned over and opened a little storage compartment in one of the four posters on his bed.I noticed there were a few other items occupying the space.He took them out to show me.One of them was a porceline figurine of a white rabbit.It had beautiful,peircing blue eyes.Yet part of the rabbit looked as if it had been broken,and glued back together.

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