Residing Dreams (Chapter 171)

As I looked more closely at the picture,I noticed that Carlena Leigh had been a beautiful bride.Her shiny,somewhat wavy hair blew freely in the wind,and hereyes danced with joy.Arthur looked surprisingly handsome,especially sincehe was smiling and exultant.After looking at the two of them,it was no wonder where Casimir had gotton his distinctive,mysterious good looks from.He had many of his mother’s features,yet also his father’s delicate yet potentially manly appearance.”This is wonderful,”I breathed.I don’t know why I said this,but itjust came to me.”Indeed,it is.To me,it’s the onlypeice of happiness I can find here.But it’s only a picture.A pretty picture ofa memory that I wasn’t even a part of,”Casimir dwelled.”But come to think of it,as bleak as things can be in this place,there is another peice of happiness that I find,” he said,as a new thought had occured to him.”How do you find it?”I asked.”Through being with you,” he whispered solenmly.Then,I softly kissed him once more,as I had on the first night.

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