Murder For Hire-An Assasin's Fall

The year: 2099. The City: Utopia, a “city of paradise,” located near where “New York” used to be. Canada, America, and Mexico had merged into one country. They were now facing war with Japan, aided strongly by China. But none of that mattered to Carina. Not now. For she was too busy dying at the bottom of a stair well.

She tried to put together in her mind what went wrong. This was supposed to be an easy job. Slip in through a window into the office, stab victim, slip back out. The security was few and far between. The victim virtually unprotected. Carina had done everything as planned. She went in through a window, and while doing so remembered just why she hated wearing those skintight suits she was forced to (they rode in weird places). She snuck up behind the desk. She had raised her sword, about to lay down a fatal and bloody blow upon Mr. Carson, when it just so happened the man in the chair was not Mr. Carson. The man laughed, and began to change form. Damn. It was most definitely not Mr. Carson.

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