Other 1/2 of My Diary (you bet)

So as I was saying my ex had to show up and talk to me. Then me and my friends were on a really steep hill and my friend almost fell so she grabbed onto me which wasn’t a very good idea and then I FELL ! My hot chocolate went everywhere and my butt hurts now haha. Of course my ex laughed at me…’s just how he is. Yet, he practically stalked me the whole time because he would keep walking past me or sit a few feet away from me. It gets ridiculous after awhile but what’s a girl gonna do? Then back to the whole my one friend is gay. Really, I think it’s awesome and enjoy being around him because he understands. I don’t like him as more than a friend though, just to get that out there. Everyone else does which is very odd. I do like someone though! FINALLY !

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