Residing Dreams (Chapter 173)

Maybe it did seem odd,like I was his mother or something,and he was a little boy.After all,I did hold his hand or softly whisper to him if he was getting a needle or any other painful procedure.But really,I think my being there helped him.It took his mind off of what he had to deal with,without making him forget reality completely.I wondered if Casimir’s doctor,or anyone else,knew about what he did.Something told me they had a rough idea.But I realized that the people who were part of the staff often tried to look the other way and not deal with those types of issues head on.Casimir’s doctor was even stuffier than Mr.Brown,and I could totally understand Casimir’s point of view when he called him a battery operated idiot.He spoke in a dull tone,and he let Casimir wallow in self pity;reminding him of his condition instead of treating him like a normal person.No wonder Casimir could be so bitter and sharp tongued on the matter of adults!

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