Calm in the Mind

Suddenly, with the angel in my arms, the clouds depart. The steadily easing patter of the rain slows and stops till the porch is filled with only us and an unnerving silence. Lightening my grip, I look up and around. The roads ahead are clear, and the remnants of the storm sparkle in a blindingly beautiful sun. Grass and sky become the most vibrant greens and blues, almost pulling you out into their warmth.
Without realizing it, my arms slip off of her. Taking a step towards the edge of the porch, I look down at this new path I could take. From within the whirling winds of the storm, the only haven appeared to be right before me. But now, when all has become calm and the true scenery has its chance to sink in, all roads appear to lead to a life of content.
Looking back at her, I realize what I would be losing by taking another step. Unsure of my deepest desires I hesitate. Fearing the loss of my angel and the loss of my possibilities simultaneously, I close my eyes, and take the first step.

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