Residing Dreams (Chapter 174)

“I dare say I nagged them a good bit not to balk or interfere with the matter of me getting to know you. Trust me, they were quite reluctant about it. But that couldn’t stop me. I persisted, and then they obliged. I’ll admit I may drive them slightly mad at times, but so be it. Sometimes, it feels like making them give in is the only power I have. You know?” Casimir told me one day. He liked to have his own way. “In a sense, I know how you feel. At times, I feel like my only defense is breaking down and crying; thus making others feel guilty. I did this occasionally when someone said or did something unjustly mean to me back home. You see, I’m not very aggressive. Tears are my weapon,” I replied. “They’re not your only meathod of defense, though,” Casimir said. “You are a very talented writer, who is capable of writing numerous strongly worded letters to anyone or anything which offended you,” he explained. He had a good point. “But I guess we must find other ways to deal with our issues too,” I concluded.

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