Residing Dreams (Chapter 175)

It would not be accurate to say that Casimir was my first crush.But it made perfect sense to keep in mind that he was the first crush who ever liked me back—at least as a friend, anyway.On occastion,we would go on walks together,if the staff allowed it.Somehow,I knew that it would not be wise of me to tell him about my little crush.Surprisingly,I didn’t think about it as often as I imagined I would.Much of the time,I just thought of him as Casimir,my special friend.After all,we had grown to know each other under relatively rare circumstances.I felt both lucky and grateful,yet apprehensive at the same time.I was lucky and grateful that I had met him,but apprehensive that I would lose him somehow.After all,I had lost many things lately,if only for a while.I thought back to my father,and how much he had meant to me. How much I still meant to him. Yet something had torn us apart,whether or not it was stronger than the love between father and daughter.Now, I wished more than ever that I could tell Casimir.

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