Residing Dreams (Chapter 177)

I had a change in heart after I recieved a letter from my father. It had been the honest one yet, and it made me re examine my views on him and on the matter of truth.
Dear Essie,

I haven’t forgotten about you. You have been right in everything you’ve said to me. You have questions, and you do deserve answers. So I will tell you this. It probably isn’t nearly enough to make up for all of the days I have stayed silent for, and all of the things I have not told you. But here it is anyways. One of the things I have been doing this summer is talking to someone, a theripist, about my feelings. I know, this doesn’t sound very manly, but it also isn’t very manly for me to hide things from the people I love the most—you. God has known all along, even before I did. I underestimated the fact that you knew also, for a very long time. I was a coward for not talking to you about this face to face, and I still am.

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