Residing Dreams (Chapter 178)

But I guess that on this delicate matter, I have to start out small. It isn’t much, but it’s a start. I have always perferred to talk face to face, but this was one exception. The point is, I am totally and thoroughly sorry for the inconsiderate jerk I have been over the past few months. I hope you can learn a valuable lesson from my mistakes. The truth can be painful as anything, but ultimately, it’s the only way out. As insane as it sounds in this case, the truth is what will set us free. I can hide it no longer, and I have tried in vain to do so. Over the years, I haven’t told you the whole truth. This includes why I never got married, why I have been down in the dumps, the reasons you are staying in London, and what I have been up to. For example, I really was at a teaching convention this summer, and I did have business matters to attend to. All of this was true. But I left out much of the truth by leaving many things unsaid. This is a type of lying too, for which I feel immensely terrible.

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