You Know You're Best Friend Knows You Well... [BFC... again]

You know you’re best friend knows you extremely well…

“Zoey!” I nearly tackle my friend with my greeting. “How was you’re weekend?”
“Good,” she says, nodding. “I went to Vermont to visit my sister.”
“Oh, yeah, you’d mentioned.”
“And there was this store up there that sold only socks.”
My eyes light up; I myself am not a sock enthusiast, but I love quirky things like that. “Coolios!”
“And,” she continues, “I got you a pair.” She pulls out a pair of brightly colored and black striped socks. On careful inspection, I notice that they’re multicolored piano keys!
My jaw drops in happiness. “Dude!” I cry over and over again, unable to say anything else. I fling my arms around my best friend. “These just made my day!”

...if they can make your day with a pair of quirky piano key socks.

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