what's it sound like to hear?

“What’s it sound like when you hear?” asked mum. I had to think about it for a minute and then realizing what it does sound like for me to hear. It just so happened that we were at grammie’s pool. I said to my mum ” well mum, if you put your head under the water and someone was talking to you, well that is how it sounds in my ears.”
Mum jumped into the pool and when she was in position I started to talk to her. She came to surface and said “Now I understand, it sounds very garbled and not always clear.” “Yes mum, thats right.” I said as I took off my hearing aid, put it on the table and dove into the pool.
The water is peaceful, and cool to my skin. I looked over and saw my mum waving at me to come over. I swamed over using the breaststroke. As I got nearer to her she said “I was calling for you!” I gasped “MUM! I am DEAF ! I don’t have my hearing aid on!” You think that after 10 years of me not being able to hear with out my hearing aid on she would remember that! I sighed.

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