It Could Be Worse

Cecilia sighed. Her brother Will was passing by, but he backtracked, curious as to the cause of his sister’s long face.
“What’s up?” he asked.
She shrugged. “I’ve been working all day, it’s been sunny out, & I’m doing test prep.” Her head slumped. “What’s worse, I’ve still got work to do tomorrow.”
“What’s wrong with the test prep? You’re very smart,” Will wondered, raising a perplexed eyebrow.
“I’ve been doing awful,” she groaned. “I feel like an idiot.”
He put a comforting arm on her. “You’re just not used to the questions yet, that’s all; practice should fix that. You’ll be able to finish the work, I just know it. Not only that, you’re going to a show tonight with two awesome friends.”
She sat up, thinking about her borther’s words.
“It could be worse,” he offered.
Cecilia rose from her chair, nodding to herself. “Yeah, you’re right. It could be worse.”
“It could be much worse. At least you’re not starving, or incapacitated…”

She finished his sentence: “At least I’m not in Antarctica.

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