You Had Me at Hello

Wow! She smiled at him! Her beautiful smile seemed to light up the world. His heart beat faster. This was his chance. He walked up and said “Hello.”

“Hello,” she replied.

He had thought about what to say to her countless times. How could he tell her he liked her, without sounding too forward, like some kind of stalker? For now, just make conversation.

“I see you sitting here in the park every day,” he said.

“You do?” she asked, still smiling.

No, he didn’t mean it that way. He wasn’t watching her. “I mean that I just happen to pass by on my way to, uh… somewhere.” The park wasn’t on the way to anywhere.

That was bad. Change the topic. His mind raced. Think of something, anything. His usually cluttered head was coming up blank. All he could think about was her. Looking into that beautiful face. Don’t stare, you’ll scare her away! And don’t stand there looking goofy! Say something intelligent!

“I’m not usually so speechless,” he said with a slight self-deprecating grin. Crash and burn.

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