Fill-In Photographer

“So Cynthia-I’ve come up with a little deal.” Matt said, as he closed the door behind us.
I looked around at the room-which was empty apart from us and the camera. “Where’s Brad?” I asked. This didn’t feel right.
Matt smiled and looked me up and down greedily.
“That’s the deal. I found out Brad was out sick, so I get to fill in for him-that way you won’t have to reschedule this. Convenient huh?”
I started to object, but then I remembered the whole college tuition thing. “Okay.” I said indifferently.
I stripped down quickly while he stood there like an idiot.
“Picking up the camera might help,” I noted sarcastically-this would most likely be a long day.
“right, right, sorry.” He said as he picked it up-clearly clueless.
I rolled my eyes. “Let me hold it.”
He smiled apologetically and handed it to me (touching my hand and arm more than necessary too). I showed him quickly how to work it, although I doubt he got much out of it considering he spent the whole time looking at my boobs. ugh.
I miss Brad.

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