Almost Horrible

Before I had a chance to do anything his lips were smashed against mine. I tried to fight him off, but all he did was pin my arms down and move so that my legs could just barely reach him-and even when they did, there wasn’t enough force to hurt him.
He got bored of this though, and after a minute or two he pulled out a knife. He put the blade near my throat and said, “Make a noise, scream for help, hurt me or anything like that, and I will kill you” he said through his teeth
I whimpered what was supposed to be an “ok” and wondered how I could be stupid enough to let this happen to me.
Thank God, just as soon as he was about to…well yeah…Mr. Sacket walked in saying, “Hey, it’s been almost 30 minutes and I was just wondering if… WHAT THE FUCK ?
Next thing I knew, Phillipe was helping me to my feet and dragging me out of the room. The door slammed behind me and I heard thumps and screams of pain-which were obviously coming from Matt. Good. I hope he is just an inch or two from death by the end of this.

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