An Adrenaline Rush

Naomi figured it out. She had this planned all along. It was her friend who had given her the idea. Naomi took out the tape her friend had given her earlier. She walked up to the camera and quickly switched the tapes and set the camera to play. Naomi put the tape into her pocket and crawled into bed so she would match the recording. She waited patiently for the guards to come and see what the camera blip was about. Within five minutes they came, they opened the door, peered in, and left. She was careful to make sure they were down the hall before she got up. She walked over to her window. She was on the 9th floor of this stupid building, no one expected her to escape out of the window. Naomi grinned. She grabbed the magnetic bracelets of her dresser and put them one. Naomi had magnetised the tips of her shoes earlier that day. She swung her legs out the window and took a deep breath. She switched her bracelets on and lowered herself out of the window. Naomi began scaling down the building.

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