Blessed Discovery

I estimated when we’d would be in front of my spot by the tracks.
I only had one shot at this…
I flew from my hiding spot, tackling the two & driving them into the hole to my “home.”
The two were stunned as I rose. “Glad I found you when I did,” I said.
“No you don’t!” the girl shrieked. “We’ve had enough, we’re not stupid you know!”
“Now hold it Lily,” the boy tried to say.
“Wake up Ezra! We just got attacked by this, this…”
Now it was personal. “I saved you-!” I cried
She started toward the door. No! I couldn’t let her put herself in danger! I came up behind, throwing my arms over her shoulders & across her chest.
I expected a struggle; I didn’t expect her to twist my arm, spin out, & have me pinned , threatening to bend my elbow the wrong way.
Think, Paulie, think!
“Acki acki acki!” I cried the Resistance distress call. “Ni ni ni!” I freed my left arm, holding out a deactivated tracker chain around my neck. She let go, gasped in surprise & clutched for a similar necklace around her own neck.

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