Grace the Librarian

“Can I help you find something?” He looked into the kind face of a young librarian. She possessed a naturally curious aura, somewhat reflected in the frizz that managed to escape a long red braid. Her light ivory shirt sat nicely with her dark jeans & small black flats.
He shrugged. “Just kinda lookin’ around.”
“Anything in particular?”
“Well, not really. I don’t know what to look for really,” he added, slightly embarrassed.
“What sort of books you like? Classics, fantasy, mystery…”
“Yeah, mysteries are good.” Hey, why not? he figured.
“May I suggest The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes?” she asked. “Let me find it.” She crouched to a low shelf, systematically scanning the spines. There was something about her, a fervor for knowledge in her dark brown eyes that enchanted him…
“Here we are,” she said, handing him the book. “If you need anything else, just ask for Grace the librarian,” she said, standing & heading toward the circulation desk.
Now he had an excuse to come to the library more often.

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